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Contact us for further information about providing you with the best location to suit your holiday needs. We Offer Holiday Villa in Palermo, Holiday Villa in Trapani, Balestrate. The Casedelgolfo Team, based in Balestrate will support you in the choice of your holiday home in Sicily, and supply you with all the information necessary for you to experience an unforgettable and unique holiday experience in Sicily, the sun, the sea, the food, the culture and the history... In short, what we call 'The Sicily experience'... You will be glad you did...

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Temple of Segesta and Greek Theatre.

  • The Temple of Segesta is one of the most perfectly preserved examples of ancient monuments.It rises alone on a crest surrounded by a deep valley overlooked by Mount Bernardo and Mount Barbaro, on which the Theatre is situated. Built in 430 BC it is an elegant Doric structure with harmonious proportions of rare quality. Theatre – Built in the C3rd BC in the Hellenistic period