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Alcamo Marina

Located in the center of the Gulf of Castellammare, between Palermo and Trapani, about 50 km from both cities, Alcamo has about 45,000 inhabitants. Important agricultural and industrial center, Alcamo lies at the foot of Mount Bonifato. It is one of the largest centers for commerce Sicilian wine and other agricultural products like olives, cereals, melons, grapes and table grapes used for wine making. The precious wine "Blanc d'Alcamo is also developed through the extra virgin olive and melon “purceddu”.   For connoisseurs and lovers of good wine and good food: various associations and local wineries are present in Alcamo. Their role is to promote the good things in terms of tasting local products such as wine and food events for example. Through these associations, it is possible to enjoy wine and good food made ​ Alcamese old natural smells and tastes, but also to admire the beautiful landscape where companies producing wine are installed.   The climate is mild and the central position relative to the Gulf of Castellammare offers breathtaking vistas, beautiful horizons even more significant since


Situated by a golden sandy beach, in the Gulf of Castellammare, Balestrate could not be in a more beautiful location with easy access from a good road system and around 25 minutes drive from the International airports of Trapani to the west and Palermo to the east.

Car-hire is reasonable and driving, contrary to popular belief, is no worse or better than anywhere else in the Mediterranean. If driving in built up areas you will need to be alert and anticipate unexpected manoeuvres from other drivers. But if driving in the countryside it is a complete pleasure.

However, if staying in Balestrate, car hire is not even necessary as there is a good bus service and train service into neighbouring towns and villages and, of course, the vibrant city of Palermo.

Balestrate has most of the things you need for a perfect holiday whether in or out of the main holiday season. It is a small seaside town that very much retains its true Sicilian identity and the local people are welcoming, kind and hospitable.

Good traditional restaurants along with all manner of shops and a few bars are all within an

Castellammare del Golfo


Castellammare del Golfo is a town of about 15,000 inhabitants located in north-western Sicily, near Trapani. With a priceless heritage characterized by the extraordinary natural beauty of its coastline and its hinterland, Castellammare del Golfo is now a major tourist attraction that has much to offer its tourists.   The city is situated at the foot of Mount Inici, and gives its name to the castle overlooking the golf course. It is bounded on west by Rama and San Vito.   Castellammare del Golfo offers one of the most beautiful coasts of Sicily: it extends from Vito lo Capo about 7 km long. It is composed of Scopello and the Zingaro nature reserve (the first nature reserve established in Sicily).   "Bay Guidaloca" is probably the most popular berries. This is a beautiful beach with white pebbles and smooth, but you can also enjoy many small coves and beautiful cliffs overlooking the sea A true gift of nature!   The economy of Castellammare del Golfo is based on tourism, viticulture and fishing. Every two years, residents commemorate a événementhistorique: Attack of the port