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Contact us for further information about providing you with the best location to suit your holiday needs. We Offer Holiday Villa in Palermo, Holiday Villa in Trapani, Balestrate. The Casedelgolfo Team, based in Balestrate will support you in the choice of your holiday home in Sicily, and supply you with all the information necessary for you to experience an unforgettable and unique holiday experience in Sicily, the sun, the sea, the food, the culture and the history... In short, what we call 'The Sicily experience'... You will be glad you did...

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Segesta Therms

  • Recommended for treatment of skin, locomotive and respiratory disorders, the thermal cures include : mudbaths, inhalations, thermal pools, aerosols and hydromassage. In the vicinity of the “hot river” only a few kilometres from the temple and Greek theatre of Segesta, several therms are to be found. The Gorgo therms rise from the inland of Calatafimi at its limits with the territory