At the furthest point on the western coast stretches 3 km of golden sand and a crystal sea which equal the most desirable seaside paradises of the South Seas.The seabed slopes gently towards the open sea making it a perfect bathing place even for children. For those, on the other hand, who prefer the rocks to the sand there is a wide choice of locations with numerous possibilities of bathing and at the same time taking in the magnificent scenery.The coastline permits one to walk only a few metres from the breakwater. The characteristic bazaars and little markets amongst the low white houses complete the scenery. Not to be missed is the cous cous, the traditional local dish, and for the enthusiast the “Cous cous Fest” the gastronomic and cultural event which takes place every year from the 19th–24th September.Cooks from every area in which cous cous is traditionally eaten take part in a huge competition. In this way, for 4 days the area is transformed into a “village” where you can sample cous cous cooked in hundreds of ways and drink red and white wines from the Trapani countryside