Located in the center of the Gulf of Castellammare, between Palermo and Trapani, about 50 km from both cities, Alcamo has about 45,000 inhabitants. Important agricultural and industrial center, Alcamo lies at the foot of Mount Bonifato. It is one of the largest centers for commerce Sicilian wine and other agricultural products like olives, cereals, melons, grapes and table grapes used for wine making. The precious wine "Blanc d'Alcamo is also developed through the extra virgin olive and melon “purceddu”.   For connoisseurs and lovers of good wine and good food: various associations and local wineries are present in Alcamo. Their role is to promote the good things in terms of tasting local products such as wine and food events for example. Through these associations, it is possible to enjoy wine and good food made ​ Alcamese old natural smells and tastes, but also to admire the beautiful landscape where companies producing wine are installed.   The climate is mild and the central position relative to the Gulf of Castellammare offers breathtaking vistas, beautiful horizons even more significant since Bonifato Mont. The surrounding countryside also offers a splendid landscape, with small rolling hills filled with vineyards. Moreover, Alcamo Marina (which constitutes the bulk of Alcamo), it is also possible to admire the dunes sanded.   Alcamo became famous long ago for the poetry of famous poet alcamese Heaven (also known as Ciullo d'Alcamo) "Rosa fresca aulentissima"dating from the twelfth century.   From a cultural standpoint, Alcamo has been characterized over the centuries by intense activity related to the arts, such as building churches and baroque buildings first, then during the Renaissance, with the influx of many painters international reputation (Guglielmo Borremans, but Pietro Novelli Monreale), sculptors (Antonello and Giacomo Gagini Serpotta) and various artists who have enriched and embellished the image of the city.   Holidays and Events:   Palm Sunday: representation of the Passion of Christ in the streets of Rome;   Friday: Walk with the coffin of Jesus and the "vara" Addolorata, preceded by a line of faithful and children representing various characters (because of their clothes)   In May : The month dedicated to Our Lady, St. Mary of Miracles, with a pilgrimage to the shrine;   From June 19th to 21st: Ceremony in honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Miracles, Patroness of Alcamo; During the summer : "Alcamo Estate" (concerts, theater, cinema, exhibitions, sports, games, cultural events, music, etc.)   August 10 : "Calici Distell" evening with tastings of wines and typical products   October : "identity change " Exhibition of local products and, at the Castle of the Counts of Modica;   Christmas in Alcamo : Events and Shows